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Veg indian combos
3PC Roti,Any 1 Paneer Gravy,Dal Fry,Papad,Achar,Salad & Ghee Rice/Plain Rice Rs.135.00
3PC Roti,Any 1 Paneer Gravy,Mix Veg,Dal Fry,Papad,Achar,Salad & Ghee Rice/Plain Rice Rs.150.00
2 Veg Biryani,2 Kati Rolls,Any Veg Starter-1 Plate Rs.449.00
Non veg indian combos
3PC Roti,Any Non Veg Gravy,Papad,Achar,Salad & Ghee Rice/Plain Rice Rs.135.00
3PC Roti,Any 2 Chicken Gravy,Dal,Papad,Achar,Salad & Ghee Rice/Plain Rice Rs.180.00
Veg mixed combos
2 Veg Biryani,2 Veg Burgers,Any Veg Starter-1 Plate Rs.399.00
Non veg mix combos
2 Chicken Biryani,2 Chicken Classic Burgers,American Fried Chicken-3PCS Rs.399.00
2 Chicken Biryani,2 Kati Chicken Rolls,American Fried Chicken-1 Plate Rs.499.00
2 Chicken Biryani,Tandoori Non Veg Platter (8 PCS),Cold Drink Rs.399.00
Non veg party combos
Chicken Starters 1 Kg Rs.749.00
Tandoor Non Veg Platter 1 Kg Rs.749.00
Small Party Pack-Any Chicken Biryani 1 Kg Rs.749.00
Big Party Pack-Any Chicken Biryani-5 Kg Rs.3799.00
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We service Fresh food with best quality.