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Veg curries
Paneer peshawari Half Rs.140.00
Paneer Peshwari Full Rs.250.00
Paneer Butter Masala Half Rs.130.00
Paneer Butter Masala Full Rs.265.00
Paneer tikka masala Half Rs.140.00
Paneer tikka masala full Rs.250.00
Veg bhuna masala half Rs.130.00
Veg bhuna masala full Rs.250.00
Veg handi half Rs.130.00
Veg handi full Rs.250.00
Paneer Methi Masala Half Rs.130.00
Paneer Methi Masala Full Rs.250.00
Palak Paneer Masala Half Rs.130.00
Palak Paneer Masala Full Rs.250.00
Kolhapuri Paneer Masala Half Rs.130.00
Kolhapuri Paneer Masala Full Rs.250.00
Paneer Chettinad Masala Half Rs.130.00
Paneer Chettinad Masala Full Rs.250.00
Non veg curries
Chicken Butter Masala Half Rs.150.00
Chicken Butter Masala Full Rs.280.00
Chicken Tikka Masala Half Rs.160.00
Chicken Tikka Masala Full Rs.300.00
Chicken Bhuna Masala Half Rs.150.00
Chicken Bhuna Masala Full Rs.280.00
Chicken Handi Half Rs.180.00
Chicken Handi Full Rs.340.00
Chicken Methi Masala Half Rs.160.00
Chicken Methi Masala Full Rs.280.00
Palak Chicken Masala Half Rs.160.00
Palak Chicken Masala Full Rs.280.00
Kolhapuri Chicken Masala Half Rs.150.00
Kolhapuri Chicken Masala Full Rs.280.00
Eggs Masala Half Rs.120.00
Eggs Masala Full Rs.200.00
Chicken Chettinad Masala Half Rs.180.00
Chicken Chettinad Masala Full Rs.300.00
Chicken Jungali Masala Half Rs.150.00
Chicken Jungali Masala Full Rs.280.00
Bangali Chicken Half Rs.150.00
Bangali Chicken Full Rs.280.00
Chicken Lahori Half Rs.160.00
Chicken Lahori Full Rs.300.00
Chicken Magistrate wings masala Half Rs.160.00
Chicken Magistrate wings masala Full Rs.300.00
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We service Fresh food with best quality.