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Veg munchies
French fries Rs.50.00
Potato wedges Rs.60.00
Cheesy fries Rs.75.00
Veg nuggets Rs.50.00
Kati roll Rs.70.00
Bread butter Rs.40.00
Bun maska with jam Rs.40.00
Non veg munchies
Chicken kheema roti Rs.130.00
Chicken fingers (6 Pcs) Rs.80.00
Chicken cutlets (2 Pcs) Rs.80.00
Omlette roti Rs.70.00
Chicken nuggets (6 Pcs) Rs.70.00
Egg bhurji roti Rs.70.00
Chicken sausages fried (4 Pcs) Rs.100.00
Indian masala french toast Rs.80.00
Kati roll non veg Rs.100.00
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We service Fresh food with best quality.